The Full Graceology Curriculum

  • Research-based
  • Grace (Jesus) focused
  • Includes practical activities to improve well-being in all three domains: physical, mental, and spiritual

Fast Friendships

Go through the curriculum with a small group of your own-or build your life team through the online community. 

Weekly Lessons

Our classes are designed to be done in "small bites"- short lessons on a specific theme each week. You'll get a new lesson each week- but you can spend as long as you need on a particular topic. No pressure!


For those who enjoy writing, there will be journaling prompts for each weekly lesson. A few moments of solitude, spent in God's presence- can be life changing.


Each week there will be discussion questions you can contemplate individually, or print out to use with your own group. This is the place to ask the hard questions- about faith, life, relationships, and more. Nothing is off limits.


Explore complicated topics like identity or grief- through visual and creative means (if that's your jam). Then have your art be featured on the Graceology members' site (optional). Use your gift to bless others.

Grace Advocate

We have individuals on staff whose sole purpose is to remind you that you are LOVED. There will be opportunities to connect with a grace advocate in person or online.

Therapy Dog

We even have a certified therapy dog on staff. Look forward to meeting Winston at our in-person events.

All The Tools You Need To Flourish in God's Love

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